donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Jarz his experimental minimal jazz/Funk/old soul.

I started to produce at the age of 20, making bubbling and r&b beats for dancers. I realized this is the thing i want to do the rest of my life.(making music)
2007 was the year i felt in love with electronic techno and.
But did not know what excactly my style would be.
In the following years i started to combine spacey minimal with jazz/funk/old soul tracks and that became more and more my style.

With programs like cubase, ableton and vst's i was producing what came into me and not unsuccesful.
I use vst's like absynth (best vst for spacey ambient)
                        reaktor (good for glitchy stuff)
                        microtonic ( perfect for percs)
                        Synth1 (best free vst)

Music is art!

My releases and shows will also be here in this blog so show some love!

Greetings Jarz!

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